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Our team have worked within the out-of-home industry for many years, in fact, we have over 80 years’ experience between us! Which means we’ve built up a wealth of knowledge about the industry and importantly how to get the best results for our client’s campaigns.

As one of the smaller companies in the OOH sector, we’re able to be more agile than others, which in turn means we can be bolder and braver for our clients.

Why not take a break to learn a little more about us and find out exactly how brave we are!

Jade Cunningham
Managing Partner

My bravest accomplishment was when I entered a 125 dance International ballroom & Latin competition in Miami after just 3 months of learning to dance.

Sam Dayeh

By far the bravest thing I have done was
jumping out of a Cuban biplane that had crash-landed the previous week

Dave English
Managing Partner

The bravest I’ve ever had to be was whilst being held at gunpoint twice as the manager of a betting shop

Sharon Henderson
Business Development Manager

My bravest moment was when I plucked up the courage to shave my head for charity

Vicky Missetzis
Business Development Manager

The bravest I’ve ever been was when I survived being kidnapped for 7 days in North Africa

Boyd Moore
Business Director

My bravest accomplishment was quitting my job during a pandemic

Gareth Quarrell
Business Development Manager

My bravest moment was volunteering for a business trip to Libya during the Arab Spring – eek!

Jack Fleming
Business Director

The bravest thing I’ve done is drive all round Europe across into Asia and even to the Syrian border working as a kitman for England

Mark Langdale
Marketing & Design Manager

The bravest thing I’ve done was abseil off the top of Trellick Tower!

Alejandro Soto

The bravest thing I´ve done, is when I decided to leave my career and country to start new in a different continent at 33.

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