Found in one of London’s most exclusive areas, this digital billboard runs from Kensington to the affluent Chelsea, found by the famous Brompton road.

Billboard advertising example in London


This high-quality digital screen sits in one of London’s most exclusive areas.  Sloane Avenue is a busy road that runs from Kensington in the North West to the affluent area of King’s Road in Chelsea.

Situated near the famous Brompton Road with its 5-star hotels and top restaurants, including one of the most famous department stores in the world Harrods, this site sees heavy foot traffic from an affluent residential audience as well as visitors to the exclusive area.



Site Specifications

Number of screens :  1

Orientation : Portrait digital screen

Motion Capability:  Static

Fortnightly Impacts :   30,670

Timings : 10″ in a 60″ loop

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